A few years ago, most scientists decided to reconsider their attitude to vegetable oil. For many years, it was believed that the inclusion of vegetable oil in a diet causes the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system. However, recent studies have disproved that and recommend that about five tablespoons of vegetable oil should be eaten a day.

What makes it so healthy?

Vegetable oil contains linoleic acid, which prevents development of inflammatory processes in the body and appearance of various heart diseases. Thus, it can be said that only animal fats have a negative effect on the body, while vegetable oils of sunflower, soy, corn, etc. will be an excellent addition to your diet if using properly.

It is common that people suffer from unbalanced diet because of lack of time or money, so it is always very important to have a simple and decent substitution that will provide you all the necessary micronutrients for your health.

Extracted by cold pressing, vegetable oils contain a lot of healthy nutrients from natural and familiar food products.

First of all, such oils have a tasty flavour and perfectly feature dishes, making it easier to create culinary masterpieces. In addition to good taste and attractive appearance, vegetable oils have other significant advantages. They can easily replace and balance the lack of certain nutrients that is so important for functioning of human organism.

Cold pressing is pressing at low temperatures. This method allows obtaining high-quality vegetable oil. With such system, there is no need to add any chemicals neither for cleaning nor for creating color or a pleasant smell. The oil is obtained naturally, so it has such a shelf life, as it can be stored without additional preservation. That is why cold-pressed vegetable oil has so interesting and deep flavor, aroma and texture.

Ideally, such oils should not further processed or refined in order not to lose its excellent and useful qualities and properties. Processing noticeably affects both the taste and appearance. Unprocessed oil can cloud, but it will not lose its properties.

Do not forget, however, that vegetable oil is not only healthy, but also quite high-calorie, so those who are considered about their health and appearance should adjust the amount of consumption of this product in their diet.

As for the price range of such a vegetable oil, it may have rather high price in comparison of other oil due to its produce technology. It is exactly cold pressing makes it is possible to produce a small amount of healthy and delicious oil.

Perhaps there is no one who has never tried this famous and delicious nut. Walnut has such a wide range of beneficial properties that we cannot fail to mention it again.

Walnut contains a huge amount of essential nutrients that are indispensable for the human organism; they will help not only improve your health condition, but also can help lose overweight.

Walnut nutrients include various vitamins: A, E, F and vitamin B1 and B2, which help your body to function properly and support heart health. Walnut can normalize cholesterol levels, what will positively affect the functioning of the whole organism. It is impossible not to note its benefits for the female body, eating walnuts reduces the risk of oncology and helps to deal with the developing symptoms of ageing.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this amazing nut.

There are the huge number of diseases that make people suffer throughout of their life. It is surprising that an ordinary and affordable product can easily help you solve several problems with your health.

Eating 4-5 walnut kernels a day can protect you from the negative effects of the environment and protect you from vitamin deficiency in the autumn-spring period. Walnut is also excellent in the prevention of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the kidney and liver. It is one of the most essential products in the diet for heart health. Eating walnut can strength your blood vessels and prevent atherosclerosis. You also need to pay attention to all the beneficial properties of this nut if you have a diabetes. In such cases, not only the kernels themselves, but also the partitions inside the nut will be useful.

Men also can find this nut extremely useful. When you consume about a dozen kernels a day, walnut can quite effectively affect a man’s sexual functions, especially if combined with sweet honey and other dried fruits. Nuts are helpful to not only strength libido, but also can help in the prevention of adenoma and prostatitis.

Walnut can especially be useful to people who should perform physical activity. The extract of this nut is often contained in treatments with bactericidal, wound healing, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effects.

Many women have appreciated all cosmetics containing a lot of vitamin F, which can improve the texture of the skin and strength its health. Even at home, you can easily make an infusion of nuts and use it as a tonic, which will perfectly affect the texture of your skin. To prepare the infusion you should take about 10 crushed walnut kernels and fill them with 200 milliliters of water and left overnight.

However, it should not be forgotten that such nuts can be allergic.

Despite a lot of their positive properties, do not eat nuts excessively, because an overabundance of them can lead to the opposite effect. After all, walnuts can be used in cooking for making meals that will appeal to both adults and children.

Surely you have already heard about a very popular face procedure, which for many years helps to maintain muscle tone and the correct oval. Yoga for the face is a whole complex of exercises that gives simply amazing results. The most famous exercises are the “lion” and the “ugly monkey”. Although the complex is much larger. And here is the best thing that will help you stay forever young.

Ugly grimace

Pull your chin forward as far as possible. Then raise your head slightly and stretch your neck. Pull the lower lip to the ceiling, hold it for 10 seconds. Then pull out your chin and stand still for a moment. Then move your chin to the right and also stand still. After that, you should do the same thing to the left side. Repeat exercise 3 times. Most often, this exercise helps to remove the second chin and take care of the muscles of the face.


Open your mouth as wide as you can. Stick your tongue out as long as possible, roll your eyes up. Stand still for a few seconds. Then relax your face and put your tongue back in place. Repeat this 3-5 times. This “royal” exercise also helps to get rid of the second chin and strengthen the muscles around the neck.

“Hot coal” in the mouth

Gather air in your mouth, as if you are forming a ball out of it. Then throw the ball under the right, then under the left cheek. After, under the upper lip and under the lower. Drive the ball all over your mouth. You can chase the ball as you like, as long as you begin to feel the warmth in your mouth and lips. With the help of such a “Hot coal” you can prevent sagging cheeks, straighten the line of the chin, smooth the nasolabial folds.


Open your mouth as wide as possible, doing it as slowly as possible with a slight sigh. Stay in this position for a few moments, holding your breath. With an exhale, you need to close your mouth, tightly closing your lips. Repeat the exercise 6 times from start to finish. Such a simple action will help you tighten your lower jaw.


Place your index fingers near the outer corners of your eyes and smile. At the same time, stretch the skin under the eyes with your fingers, try to squint. Tighten the eye muscle in this way, and then relax, do the exercise 20 times. It helps get rid of fine wrinkles.

Air Kiss

You need to fold your lips with a tube, lay your head back, while stretching your lips up. Hold it for 15 seconds. Return to starting position. Repeat 4 times. There are several options for this exercise, but each of them will help to strengthen the neck, cheek and make lips more voluminous.

Roll up your lip

In this exercise, both lips wrap inward at the same time. Pursed the lips. Stay in this position for a few seconds and finally relaxe. You need to repeat until the sensation of pleasant warmth appears in the lips. This exercise will help to avoid wrinkles near the lips, and the color of the lips will become more saturated.

Smooth forehead

You need to completely smooth your forehead. If it does not work, then you can help with your hands, but then remove them. Open your eyes widely, but do not wrinkle the forehead. Stand still for a few seconds after relaxation. And of course, repeat this several times.

All these exercises will take several minutes, but will bring maximum effect and result. These techniques are used not only by ordinary women, but also by modern style icons. Why do not you look like one of the movie goddesses or models with the help of simple effects and without surgery? Only modern and natural methods.

We cannot deceive nature and force old age to recede, although in our time there are a huge number of ways to delay old age. But there are parts of the body that can easily tell your age. And one of these parts of the body – your hands. Looking at the woman’s hands, you can easily understand her age. Although with proper care, you will be able to become the owner of soft and young skin of your hands even at 50. The main thing is not to forget about constant care, which is completely uncomplicated, but extremely effective. Listening to the advice of leading experts and cosmetologists, you can ensure yourself the perfect result.

The first thing you should remember

You need to use the cream not only in winter, but also in other seasons, because your hands should always be moisturized.  You should not dehydrate them. Therefore, never put your hand cream far away. It is your first savior and helper. But you need to choose a cream that suits the type of your skin.

Mini spa

Make it a habit to make hand baths every week. You will need the usual cosmetic paraffin, which must be melted in a steam bath until it is almost liquid, after which it is poured into warm water. Lower your hands in paraffin water for a few minutes. If there are scratches or cuts on the hands, then a good solution is to use chamomile or calendula, which will help to heal wounds faster and enrich the skin with nutrients. This procedure should be carried out 1-2 times a week.

Use natural scrubs regularly

You can make them from sugar and ground coffee or sea salt. Not only your face needs to get rid of dead cells. Hand skin also needs this. And thus you start the process of regeneration of the skin of the hands.

Ultraviolet rays are the same enemies of your hands as of your face. Although your hands probably suffer even more, because they are constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays, since you are unlikely to wear gloves all year round. Therefore, buying a lotion for protection, remember your hands, because the sunbathe effect is not good for them: the skin becomes drier and over time it looks unhealthy and old. To avoid this you should protect your hands.

The right choice of soap is one of the main conditions for the care of the skin of your hands. It is advisable that the soap contain some vitamins, oils that will nourish your skin. It is better to avoid frequent use of antibacterial soap. Otherwise, you can imbalance your skin, which will lead to irreparable consequences.

Remember to use gloves while cleaning

This is an additional protection of the hands which keep them in good condition. After all, the main enemy of the skin is the chemicals that are contained in all household cleaning products.

Here are very simple rules that will help you avoid aging and hide its obvious signs. All women are skilled actresses who can hide flaws and emphasize advantages. And in order to attract the attention of men in any age, you have to take care of yourself and your appearance. Then you can hide your age for a very long time and keep your skin in excellent condition for as long as possible. Then you will be able to really love yourself and others will fall in love with you.

The fact that you have been dating for a long time does not mean that you can’t go on a date again and spend time with each other variously. On the contrary, this is a great way to refresh your relationship and keep them strong. You can get to know each other more deeply, as well as you can make unforgettable memories for your beloved man. And when you make someone happy, you feel happy too. So, this is a short list of interesting date ideas:

Watch a movie without dubbing. Probably, you have watched movies together a lot of times, but have you ever watched a movie in a foreign language without translation? You should turn subtitles off as well. Now, you can discuss and suggest what is happening on the screen. You can speak for the characters and even come up with your own script!

Drinking champagne with snacks is good, but if you get some fondue with fruits and feed them to each other is even better.

Karaoke for you and your man. If you are shy about singing in a karaoke bar, you can sing together at home. Nothing will strengthen your relationship more than a shared disgrace.

Massage is not only good for your health, but it can provide an additional communication channel for you two. What could be better than feel the transfer of energy from body to body? You can become a real master getting massage courses, and then your man won’t fall asleep without your magic hands.

Fortune-telling is interesting not only to women, but also to men, because there is no person who would not be interested in his fate. Thus, you can play the role of a mysterious fortuneteller and lay out the Tarot cards, predicting the happiness of your man only being with you. But do not overplay!

If you like animals, you can visit a zoo or circus together. Who cares if it’s kid things? Kid feelings are the cleanest and strongest, so if it’s possible, take your boyfriend and go to the animal kingdom.

If the weather is lovely, you can have a picnic. It would be even better if it is night picnic . What could be better than lying on the grass together and looking into the endless starry sky, admiring bright stars and discussing about things?

Arts can bring you and your man closer together. If you do arts together you will be on the same wavelength with your partner, feel and live the same idea. Although degustation is also a good option. It doesn’t matter what exactly you’re going to taste: cheese, wine or chocolate. Most importantly is the same feeling.

Don’t forget about self-development program. Try to visit a museum or exhibition together. It would be more interesting if you imagine you and your boyfriend are foreign tourists who don’t understand a word of your language and haven’t ever been there.

However, what could be more important than shared memories? So, the best option may be to reconstruct your first date. Try to recreate the atmosphere of your first days together. Do you remember your feelings? How strong is this feeling in your hearts now?

Walking around the street can be a good option too. Because walking together is always moving forward, overcoming any difficulties. You should try dancing together if you want to make more intimate atmosphere. There’s no need to have any dance lessons. Just turn on relaxing music, dim the lights and move to the beat of your hearts.

You’re the only one to decide how bright your life together can be. Relationships will never breakdown if you regularly add fuels to your love.

Famous American pop-star Rihanna presents a collection of sportswear in New York. Last year Puma announced that Rihanna had been appointed creative director of a fashion brand. The star has an extravagant style, which became her business card. The diva promised to release the latest collection of clothes and shoes. Finally, the audience now can see the new collections of the modern brand.

Another famous musician Kanye West, who has been releasing interesting new collections for several seasons, have to make considerable efforts to save his leadership.

The original collection from Rihanna has a modern sport style. Extravagant and stylish things make considerable interest for consumers. Puma collection of clothes is high quality and has an exquisite design. Puma’s sportswear and footwear models has the individual style and sophisticated design.

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Puma collection for women can provide any girl with self-confidence, because the diva herself has an unstoppable spirit, talent, and strong energy. She symbolizes the values ​​of Puma, in particular, determination, courage and confidence.